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Finer Options for the best Stamp act for You

A stamp duty is a tax levied on certain documents. It is done through stamps or vignettes or other dematerialized payments via the Internet: remote payments of tax and administrative stamps are, more and more, used by taxpayers and citizens.

The stamp duty may be variable or constant depending on the nature of the act (commercial, legal or civil). You should also know About stamp act in that case.

Examples of tax stamp prices:

Passport – price from 86 euros to 89 euros for a passport tax stamp of an adult depending on whether it is with or without a photo provided,

  • Driving license – price of 25 euros for the tax stamp ,
  • The price of the tax stamp for an identity card is 25 euros,
  • The price of a tax stamp to appeal to the courts is 225 euros,
  • The price of the stamp duty to launch a procedure before the judicial justice or the administrative justice amounts to 35 euros.


  • The stamp duty should not be confused with the tax stamp which is a form of document certifying that a taxpayer has paid a tax or a tax to a public institution (State, territorial collectivity …).
  • The fines, acts of passports or identity cards are paid with the tax stamp.
  • The marketing and distribution of tax stamps is done in the treasury of the tax administration (public finance center) or the tobacco shops.

Reminder: The tax authority is a government agency whose purpose is to establish, collect and control the payment of taxes in force on behalf of the public authority.

The Stamp Act (Stamp Act, Stamp Act, the Stamp Act or even Stamp Act) was a law for adoption of a stamp duty, which at 22. March 1765 by the British Parliament passed was. He certain , that every official document and the document ,but also newspapers , maps – and dice games , in the North American colonies ( the later USA ) with tax stamps provided are needed .

England had by the Seven Years’ War (1756 – 1763) with France financial problems. Moreover devoured the stationing of troops on the border to the Indian Territory, the need was, to more conflicts between settlers and Indians to prevent, also money. On These costs should the colonies now involved are.

From point of view of the settlers introduced this law a peak of at a certain exploitation of the colonies directed measures the British legislator represents, especially since this tax for the first time directly after London flowed. One of the main arguments was, that the citizens of the colonies, which by this Tax affected were, not in the Parliament represented were, the tax enacted. This argument was later also crucial for the American Declaration of Independence (no taxation without representation no taxation without representation). For this reason was the Stamp Act occasion for a protest resolution, after the 7. To25. October 1765 in New York a stamp control congress had taken place. First militant resistance rose up and prevented the successful implementation of the law and put trade sanctions against British goods through.

Finer Details For the Perfect Air Conditioning

The Best service providers offer the conclusion of a contract to legal entities for the maintenance of air conditioners, providing companies with a full range of our offers: from one-time master visits to diagnose and refueling, to complete repair, dismantling and equipment replacement. Service split systems and air conditioners – this is the work under the contract. This service is usually provided to organizations that have a lot of equipment, and the need for constant service- repair, checking the tightness of pipelines, cleaning. These works are carried out under a contract in which the maintenance schedule for all systems is justified. From the company famous for aircon servicing and aircon repair in singapore this happens to be a very important task.

Air Conditioning Service

At the conclusion of the contract, the Optimum Climate Service Center performs periodic service work, conducting an inspection and cleaning of any type of air conditioners. When servicing air conditioners, the Optimal Climate service center carries out a full check of air conditioning systems and the elimination of minor problems on the spot. Service work on one air conditioner takes 2500 dollars with refueling. From the will have the best direction.

Single maintenance of air conditioners

All of the above problems can be eliminated and prevented if you order in our service center a service for the maintenance of air conditioners, which involves the following work:

  • cleaning and disinfecting the air conditioner evaporator
  • testing the entire refrigerant circuit of the system for freon (refrigerant) leakage
  • checking interblock power connections
  • full inspection of the drainage system
  • test determination of the temperature of the outgoing air
  • air metering at the inlet to the evaporator
  • Refueling split system with refrigerant (as needed)
  • Cleaning the filters of the air conditioner indoor unit

Some reasons why your air conditioner requires maintenance:

  • warm air blows from the air conditioner
  • suspiciously began to frost up the radiator of the indoor unit
  • freezing of fasteners on the outdoor unit is observed
  • there was an unpleasant smell from the conditioner
  • the air conditioner cools the room less and less

Depending on the brand of your air conditioner, the warranty card indicates the frequency. Most often it is 1-2 times a year. For example, for the brand Lessar, Tosot, Panasonic – 2 times a year. For the air conditioner in the server room, the frequency of maintenance should be at least 4 times a year.

Maintenance should be performed more often if the air conditioner outdoor unit is installed along the road on the lower floors.

How long does the whole complex of maintenance work take and what is included there?

The whole complex of works takes from half an hour to an hour depending on the degree of contamination and includes the following activities:

  • Visual inspection for damage to the external and internal components of the air conditioner.
  • High-pressure cleaning with water, as well as mechanical cleaning of the casing and heat exchanger of the outdoor unit.
  • High-quality cleaning of the heat exchanger of the internal block with professional cleaners. Disinfectant treatment.
  • High-quality cleaning of air intake grilles and air filters of the air conditioner indoor unit.
  • Check the functioning of the drainage system. If necessary – cleaning and antibacterial treatment.
  • Revision of the remote control of the air conditioner, reprogramming if necessary.
  • Checking the operation of the blinds with a mechanical drive.