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Crucial features of the initial page and the mobile first technology

The initial page of a website is the first thing people see on our site how many times have you heard or read this statement? In reality this is not always the case we think of a site very well indexed on search engines with its own internal page in correspondence with a popular search. That page will be the first point of contact with that site for anyone who will do that research and many of those people will probably never visit the home page.

The initial page is the most important contact points

Having debunked this myth, we can say that the initial page is certainly one of the most important contact points of a website , both because it is the first one that is seen when you type the address (perhaps by copying it from a business card or after having it seen on an advertisement), and because it is a widespread practice (and correct) to reconnect the company logo (present in most of the pages of a company website) right to the home page, increasing the chances that the visitor will get there. To get the best professional services opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

The reflections are important from the aspect of balancing

These reflections are important because in the development of a website it often happens that the balance of attention dedicated to the home page compared to the internal pages is not always completely balanced above all, customers are invested, even emotionally, a lot of attention on this page, sometimes to the detriment of others, just as important.

The problem does not arise when the site in question is actually composed of a single page, a habit increasingly widespread especially for landing pages and simpler sites the entries of a possible menu, if any, simply refer to specific points of the same page.

The attention to the loading speed is always higher

To the point that both Google and Facebook have developed specific technologies to overcome the limits of what is available today with traditional technologies it is Accelerated Mobile Pages on the one hand and Instant Articles from other. Increased importance is also given to perceived speed   on a page with many elements, we distinguish between an immediately visible part when we open it , called “above the fold” (literally “above the fold”) and everything that comes after ( “Below the fold”).

Mobile first technology provided by Google

Google is able to recognize the speed with which the “above the fold ” part becomes visible correctly, without downsizing, missing elements or other uncertainties and takes this information into account when evaluating the experience offered by the page to whoever visits it. More and more access to the internet is via smartphones and tablets and search engines like Google have taken it into account, until you get to rebuild your index in a “mobile first” perspective each page of a website must be properly usable on smaller screens , and then possibly take advantage of the larger space available on larger screens.

Various aspects to keep in mind while designing web site to make it more user interactive

Create a nice text to read, always leaving a summary of it at the beginning, so that when reading the first paragraph, the visitor already has an excellent vision of what is to come. Ensure that the chosen keyword appears in the first paragraph of the text

Divide your text into at least 3 parts, creating a title (h1), second title (h2) and third title (h3) all containing the keyword Somewhere in your text, allow the keyword to appear in bold and, in another place, in italics.  

Please enter at least one title image and “alt” tag containing the keyword

Insert a link in your text to other content on your own professional website (e.g. see also, request a quote, etc). Let the keyword appear multiple times in your text, but be careful not to overdo it. Ideally, about 3 5% of article words should be the keyword (i.e. if your article has 500 words, the keyword must appear 15 25 times.) to not appear repetitive. In order to get the best professional services you can always choose LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company  .

Do not be too brief or too short

At least 300 words are recommended. If you get excited by typing and typing thousands of words, divide your article into 2 or 3 parts, publish gradually and encourage your readers to come back (e.g., do not miss the second part of the article next week). Ensure that both articles have access links to each other.

If you do not have the time for this, be sure to look for a professional to do this job. More modern professional websites offer tools that analyze your text in real time showing which items have been optimized, which makes your work a lot easier.

Web Sites Professionals advertise on Google (AdWords)

Campaigns on Google are an excellent tool to bring results in the short term. However, many people get annoyed with AdWords because even with high investments they do not get the expected return. You need to stop to study a little about the operation of this tool or hire a specialist.

Google defines in its own algorithm who it will display first. When you buy a keyword, you tell how much you are willing to pay. The most logical thing everyone thinks is who pays the most appears always on top, right? Wrong!

The Google tool takes into account whether the purchased keyword is relevant to the landing page you want to advertise, using the same SEO criteria already mentioned in the previous item. The result of this analysis generates an index that is multiplied by the bid you give the word. In other words, a person can get the first placement for a keyword by paying only $ 1.00 on the click for having created a relevant page as a destination, while another offers $ 1.50 as a bid but still drops for a second or third place.

Your Lucks with the SEM Process Does Not Go Unheard

It is a general idea that marketing has not been understood and utilized in Finnish corporate culture in the same way as, for example, in our neighboring country Sweden, which has produced several world-class brands.

Fortunately, also the real successes of the marketing effect are beginning to appear; hardly, for example, the growth of Finlayson’s net sales is based solely on the tour. Finlayson was bought by long-term marketing professionals in 2014 and turned into a loss next year. In 2016, net sales grew by 53%. Here it is admirable to say that great when some know how.

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are often iron professionals in their own business, but marketing skills may be weaker. Then you should consider outside help, an agile marketing partner. With the best sem agency in singapore now you can find the best details.

Marketing Is Worth Doing

In most areas, competition is fierce and the market is so saturated that the only way to stand out is to market. The “Shoemaker’s Kids Have No Shoes” report is not only possible today, unlike in the 80s and 90s, when in many areas there was a golden age due to low competition. It is much more convenient to sell a product or service whose concept, brand and support material are in order.

Brand Building 

How does your business show you how it communicates, what it smells like and what it thinks about? Make branding right at the start of your business or at the latest! Every message and encounter in which a company comes face-to-face, electronically, or, for example, by telephone, is of gold. With thought, values ​​and tone-of-voice thought, the introduction and experimentation of new marketing channels is fast. These things can make a big difference to creating an image and attracting interest. Few brands are born without careful branding. The good at sem singapore comes the best out of it.

Products, Products – Concepts, Concepts

Think about what you are selling and dress it up as easy words. Write it as a Story and Learn to Tell It Right and Wrong. You should also focus on core competence. Understandably, some services are much more difficult to open briefly, but you should try. Today, the amount of information is so staggering that one who is able to conceptualize and dress up a product or service in an easily sold and purchased form is very likely to be strong. What is your business thing?


Regardless of what kind of business you do, the responsive, all-web-based web pages are black! All the information you need must be online and easily accessible. The keep it simple stupid is always relevant. The user interface is essential when a customer arrives on a website. You should step in to your customer’s shoes and think about probable customer paths and conversion points when designing websites. The web reader is impatient and easy to hand over if the requested information is not found immediately and easily.