Crucial features of the initial page and the mobile first technology

The initial page of a website is the first thing people see on our site how many times have you heard or read this statement? In reality this is not always the case we think of a site very well indexed on search engines with its own internal page in correspondence with a popular search. That page will be the first point of contact with that site for anyone who will do that research and many of those people will probably never visit the home page.

The initial page is the most important contact points

Having debunked this myth, we can say that the initial page is certainly one of the most important contact points of a website , both because it is the first one that is seen when you type the address (perhaps by copying it from a business card or after having it seen on an advertisement), and because it is a widespread practice (and correct) to reconnect the company logo (present in most of the pages of a company website) right to the home page, increasing the chances that the visitor will get there. To get the best professional services opt for LinkHelpers Phoenix Website Design Company .

The reflections are important from the aspect of balancing

These reflections are important because in the development of a website it often happens that the balance of attention dedicated to the home page compared to the internal pages is not always completely balanced above all, customers are invested, even emotionally, a lot of attention on this page, sometimes to the detriment of others, just as important.

The problem does not arise when the site in question is actually composed of a single page, a habit increasingly widespread especially for landing pages and simpler sites the entries of a possible menu, if any, simply refer to specific points of the same page.

The attention to the loading speed is always higher

To the point that both Google and Facebook have developed specific technologies to overcome the limits of what is available today with traditional technologies it is Accelerated Mobile Pages on the one hand and Instant Articles from other. Increased importance is also given to perceived speed   on a page with many elements, we distinguish between an immediately visible part when we open it , called “above the fold” (literally “above the fold”) and everything that comes after ( “Below the fold”).

Mobile first technology provided by Google

Google is able to recognize the speed with which the “above the fold ” part becomes visible correctly, without downsizing, missing elements or other uncertainties and takes this information into account when evaluating the experience offered by the page to whoever visits it. More and more access to the internet is via smartphones and tablets and search engines like Google have taken it into account, until you get to rebuild your index in a “mobile first” perspective each page of a website must be properly usable on smaller screens , and then possibly take advantage of the larger space available on larger screens.